🧠How It Works

BASE's Most Unique Way To Purchase, Stake, Draw & Profit

Purchase $RAFL🫰

  • Choose from the list of options to purchase $RAFL here

  • Don't forget that $RAFL utilizes a 2.5% tax on purchase and sales to ensure a seamless and fully sustainable Revenue Sharing Vault to reward all Stakers & in the future NFT Holders of $RAFL.



  • Keep your eyes out for our 3x per week draw over on our YouTube to be posted to our other Socials as well! You can even watch what number is drawn by simply tuning in to the Powerball draws in the US. We figured why bother with some silly RNG system when we can make it as transparent as possible by simply mirroring our numbers to match one of the biggest lottery draws in the world

  • Draws will be completed every Monday (1x multiplier), Wednesday (2x multiplier) and Saturday (3x multiplier) with each of those days varying in multiplier scaling higher as the week progresses.

  • A ball will be drawn at random with a number on it varying from 1-26. Based on the multiplier provided by which day of the week it has been drawn on (1-3x) and the number on the ball, that % of the Revenue Sharing Vault will be paid out to Stakers and in the near future, NFT Holders.

  • An example looks a bit like the following assuming the 26 ball is drawn on a Saturday (3x); 78% paid out to Stakers via airdrop (no need to claim!🙌), 7.77% paid out to NFT holders and 7% paid out to the $RAFL marketing wallet. 26*3x multiplier=78%


  • You need not do a single thing, provided you are a $RAFL staker (partnerships to come which we will look to integrate staking snapshots into) and/or NFT Holder, your rewards are simply airdropped straight into your wallet.

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